A Glimpse Into My Life

A Glimpse into my Life

Mother, Grandmother, Speaker, Author, Poet, and Cardiology Nurse Practitioner, I am Effie Darlene Barba. My greatest desire is to share with you the Joy in Christ which can hold you steady and firm through any trial or circumstance you might face. I am author of Abiding, Steadfast Joy, Song of A Butterfly, When Injustice and Violence ReignA Broken and Contrite Heart, Mountaintop Experiences in the Valley, Ultimate Inspiration God’s Plan of Love, and Mercies and Exhortations-A Book of Poems. Additionally, I have three published songs which include: The Master Weaver, When I First Came to Know Him, and Lord Let Me See Me Through Your Eyes.


My passion is to seek and savor Christ so that His Joy and Love might be displayed. It is with a vulnerable honesty that I share with you my hopes, my dreams, my joys as well as my scars, my failures and my frailties.  I have stumbled and fallen many times along this road; but, each time I have gotten back up with the help of Gracious Heavenly Father who wouldn’t leave me there in the mud.


I was born and raised in Dexter, Missouri on a little farm where I actually paddled behind the ducks in the mud puddles.    My walk with Christ began at an early age.  I wish I could tell you that the Christian life is easy and comes without any thorns and thistles; but, that would be a lie.  My life has had more that it’s share of thorns; yet, God has been faithful.  Each step of my journey through divorce, abuse, cancer, widowhood, single motherhood, financial disaster, chronic illness, rejections, multiple surgeries, and lots of hard work has lead me to know one thing.

My God is an awesome God of Love who will move heaven and earth to teach me of His Joy.  In Him, I found a Joy that fills my life to the overflowing; because, He is love.  Safe, secure in His arms of Grace; I have nothing to fear, regardless of the perils I face in this life.  God has provided Grace upon Grace to this pilgrim along her journey here; as He demonstrated His love in the midst of great trials and great valleys.  I do not deserve His Unconditional Love; but, He has provided it every step of the way, anyway.

An Interview

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Evangelist Cherisse Stephens at Atlanta Live and would like to share that interview with you below.



I have three beautiful children, two stepsons, and five grandchildren.














IMG_4564Ron and familyAnnabellame and familyberto and lindsey


These are a few pictures of my beautiful family.  I have truly been blessed by God























God is a God of great joy. Because of my passion for spreading God’s joy to the world, I would love to arrange a time that I might be a guest speaker for your organization. What I can guarantee you is a passionate love of God which will inspire your congregation, your hospital, or your company. Please go to my Speaker’s page for more information

God alone can fill our hearts with love, joy and hope overflowing like a fountain for all who thirst to come and be filled.


Another passion of mine is writing poetry.  Let me share with you this poem I wrote.

A Soldier Wounded

A Soldier wounded in the fight
Oh Lord I need your strength, Your might
I need to go, a place to hide
That draws me closer to Your side

This battle Lord has knocked me down
Until it’s hard to glimpse Your crown
With evil pushing all around
I dearly need Your solace found

That I might rise again to fight
With vision of that brilliant light
Of your great glory in the end
Oh that your love I might defend

Within this world, pain doth abound
I need your word my mind surround
Until I cannot hear their voice
So I might know what is your choice

Oh Lord, I lay my sword tonight
And pray for strength tomorrow’s light
That I might stand once more for you
With Christ’s dear love my only view

So hold me tight within your arms
And keep me safe from all that harm
My tears may fall against your chest
As I recall in You I rest.


Or if you need an artist: I know one who is amazing.  Go to: Artist Page