How to Be Victorious When the Enemy Attacks

When the Enemy Attacks

The enemy attacks remain persistent when we are doing the work of the Lord.  The greater the work, the nearer its completion the more ferocious will be the attacks.  Satan uses threats, lies, and whatever means he can to cause doubt, disruption, sorrow, and fear.  This was the case for Nehemiah as well.  The enemy continued to send invitations to Nehemiah to come, take a break from the work, and meet with them so they could negotiate a plan.  When he declined every invitation, they sent a letter filled with false accusations.  This letter they failed to seal; because, they wanted to spread these false rumors as quickly as possible.   Knowing the hearts of men can be so quickly bent to gossip, they purposefully wanted the false accusations to be leaked to the press of the day.  Surely, that would cause the people to doubt Nehemiah, bringing about a revolt.

Nehemiah’s reply was swift.  “Your words are all lies.  What you accuse me of are what you, yourself, are guilty of.”  You see, the letters accused Nehemiah of doing all this to gain fame, fortune, and power over the people of Israel.  But, that was what Sanballat had plotted to do.  In fact, he had married his daughter to one of the high priests in Jerusalem; so that, he might have influence and power.  He knew his daughter would entice the priests to idolatrous worship; that, the power of God within the nation might be thwarted.  Sanballat had seen and heard of God’s power; but, did not worship Him.  Instead, Sanballat wanted to draw God’s people away from God’s favor and into His judgement.  Then, he knew he could overpower them.


Satan knows the power, glory, and majesty of God; he just refuses to bow to him; because of his own egotistical love.  Remember, he was so egotistical that he even attempted to tempt Jesus into disobedience.  Such arrogance and deceit often present in the attacks we face as well.  When, the critics of the gospel attack; they do so with such lies, arrogance, and an outrageous moral high ground.  Just like Sanballat, they scream accusations of bigotry, point fingers; while the whole time, they are the guilty ones.  So, what did Nehemiah do?  He prayed: “Now therefore, O God, strengthen my hands” (Nehemiah 6:9).  The prayer was short; but, effective.

How often during life, we need just that prayer?  When the enemy attacks, our hearts weaken, discouragement sets in, and we fold our hands, bow our heads in sorrow.  How often have we quit the task before us, just before we gained the victory?   In those moments, my only prayer is: “O God, please strengthen my heart and my hands.  Help me to see you and know you want me to go on.”  It has been those moments of my greatest doubt that God would send a messenger, someone who helped me to see that I was to continue; regardless, of the enemy attacks.  God would strengthen my hands to continue the labor before me.


Nehemiah went to visit a “shut in”.  When he got there, the shut in suggested that he had seen a vision of someone murdering Nehemiah.  Then, he suggested that the escape plan revealed to him was for Nehemiah and him to go to God’s house, enter the temple and lock themselves inside.  Seeking God’s protection within God’s own house.  When listening to the advisers along the way, always weigh the advice against the word of God.  Often, many well meaning Christians; outside of God’s perfect will, do Satan’s work for him.  In this case, Nehemiah knew immediately that for he, a layman, to enter the temple was a sin.  He would be breaking the Mosaic law were he to do so.

Realizing that truth, Nehemiah’s eyes flew open wide and he realized this man proclaiming to be God’s messenger had been hired by Sanballat.  The enemy attacks had merely changed faces.  To recognize this kind of attack, one must be versed in the truth of God’s Words.

How to Be Victorious Over Enemy Attacks
  1. Recognize the Enemy—always be aware that when you are doing God’s work, Satan wants you defeated.  Be always on guard to recognize his whispers, his lies, and his tactics.  They seldom change much.  He will try to cause you doubt, make you feel unworthy.  Therefore, he will disguise himself in many forms; trying to humiliate you.  Whatever method possible, he wants you to sit down and stop doing God’s work.
  2. Pray—your only true source of victory is God. Cry out to Him, even if, yours is a desperate cry.  It not like He doesn’t know your doubts.  But He is waiting for you to acknowledge them and lay them at His feet.  Part of your healing process is seeing and acknowledging your areas of weakness.  Step by Step, one tiny bit at a time; God is always about the work of perfecting your heart that you might have the greatest joy, hope and peace in Him.
  3. Study God’s Word: How can you recognize the lies, when the enemy attacks; if you don’t know the truth?
  4. Never forget, the victory is won.  God is much bigger than our enemy and has crushed Satan under His foot—one day, God will reign in perfect righteousness.
  5. Yes, sometimes it is good to pause, look up to God to ascertain you are following His plan and haven’t strayed into doing your will instead. However, do not stop in defeat when the enemy attacks; merely pause, ask for guidance and keep working.
I Corinthians 15:57-58

But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.  Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.


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