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NEW RELEASE  “Song of a Butterfly”  This 26 page book is meant to encourage anyone who has felt the pangs of loneliness, has had their broken or has lost a loved one to death. It can be found at and soon many other websites.







What  happens when you come face to face with your own frailty and failure to live this Christian life as you want? You know you love God; but, you keep failing anyway!  A Broken and Contrite Heart details man’s dilemma and God’s answer to how to walk this Christian Life. This book provides encouragement for anyone who has come face to face with their own humanity, like David or Simon Peter.

This book details the true promises of God that will take you from that desperate place of brokenness to a place of joy, peace and fruitfulness for Christ. Furthermore, reminds you of this truth: that God has orchestrated your life, every detail of it just like David proclaimed in Psalm 139. Can be purchased at, Barnes and, or Authorhouse. com as well as many other bookstores.


Mountaintop Experiences in the Valley

Mountaintop Experiences in the Valley began in 2003 when I  asked God “Why so much pain?”, “What do I do with this despair?”, and “How can I be a testimony to Christ in the midst of all this?” Initially, I wrote to find the answers for  myself. The second edition, included  two more parts; because, I wanted to share with you how to find your way through the worst times of life.

With great transparency, I shared with you what pains or sorrows had lead up to each chapter and what steps you can take if you find yourself in the same trial. This is dedicated for anyone who has faced deep despair, loneliness or guilt over a sense of being a failure. This book delves deep into the heart of God through an intense review of scripture dealing with each subject addressed. With each subject addressed, it also gives a step by step guide to how to overcome that trial in your life, so that you may find true joy no matter what the circumstances that surround you.

Can be found at:; Barnes and; and as well as many other bookstores.



Ultimate Inspiration: God’s Plan of Love

Begins with the question what is man’s purpose on earth? This book delves deep into mankind’s search for meaning and inspiration in this life.  Many ask the question, “Why does evil exist?”  This book deals with the hard questions and proposes logical answers to both man’s questions and man’s dilemma. It step by step breaks down the answers to many of the questions that the modern day churches avoid, while at the same time, presenting the truths of the Bible in such a way as to make them simple to understand.

At the same, it answers  those questions raised by both the agnostics and atheists.  This book deals with the questions of evil, justice, God’s righteousness, and most of all God’s desire to share in His Joy and His Love.  It is for anyone who has ever wondered, “Why do I exist?” and/or “What is my purpose?”  It can be found at, Barnes and, and as well as many other bookstores.









Mercies and Exhortations

A book of poetry.  Some of my earliest poems; including:



My life-so filled with hopes and dreams

Lay shattered at Your feet

So many tears, so many pains

I laid before Your seat


Can I look upon Your face of love

And question what You’ve done?

For You have been my only hope

My only morning sun


You’ve seen my heart when crushed with pain

Your hands have held it tight

When I have been so weak, so frail

You’ve shown Your strength, Your might……

This book can be found at, Barnes and, Xulon Press and many other outlets.