Artist: Perfect Love and Judgment
Ronin Ron
Ronin Ron

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Want to meet an incredible artist?  I happen to know one who can design and draw whatever your heart can dream of; because, God gifted him with amazing talent.  If you have followed my blog for a long time or are just passing by, I encourage you to get to know his artwork.  He began drawing amazing pictures when he was three; but, that talent continued to grow.  He graduated from Kubert School of  Art (formerly known as Joe Kubert’s School of comic and graphic design) in Dover, New Jersey.


With an incredible use of black and white, he takes a pencil and white sheet of paper; creating with it third dimensional depth.   When I write my books, I turn to him to design and create  a picture that would illustrate the heart of my book’s theme.   I would tell him the story behind the book and then I let him design the drawing.  He amazed me each time.  Oh, and this is one of the amazing pictures he drew for one of my  book covers; although, this is not the full high resolution version. I will keep that one safely put away.   (Also please be advised it is under copyright protection as are all the pictures displayed here).  in christ I am (2)

There is no one who takes whatever my dreams or ideas are and creates an artistic replica of that dream like Ronin Ron can do.  Furthermore, he creates amazing portraits of people and animals. His website is RoninRon Custom Art  or click and like his Facebook page.

His faith in God awes and inspires me, always; because, he sees all of life through eyes of faith, believing God has the best plan-no matter what.



A Broken and Contrite Heart
A Broken and Contrite Heart