Welcome to My Speaker’s Page!


Welcome to My Speaker’s Page! Come On In and Sit for A While

Whether you are hosting a large event, a cozy woman’s get together, or a heartwarming retreat; you have come to the right place.  Having lived a life filled with many unexpected storms, I have learned the power of God’s Grace and Infallible promises.

Cancer, Chronic Illness, years of abuse, failures, widowhood, and unfulfilled dreams were a part of my journey; but, they never defined my destiny.  Every trial drove me deeper into the word where I found strength, hope and joy.  Out of the depth of emotional struggles, God has provided me with a message of hope, an empathetic listening ear, and a voice of resounding steadfast joy.  Ever mindful of my own frailties along this journey, I can sit beside you in darkest trials to hold your hand or reach into the deepest pit to hold fast.  It is with an honest vulnerability, that I bring “real” to your women’s group-no matter where they are along this journey.

You can learn more about my life by taking a glimpse of my life.  Or by reading any of my books, particularly Abiding, Steadfast Joy, A Broken and Contrite Heart, or The Song of a Butterfly.

Let me begin with this introduction:


ABIDING, STEADFAST JOY– An in-depth look at 3 foundational truths revealed in scripture that once known can bring steadfast joy and a faith that is fearless when facing the unexpected storms of life. Guaranteed our journey on this earth comes with trials, storms, and even hurricane force winds that rage against our heart. Yet, God has promised us joy, hope and strength in Him. We only need the keys to unlock that power to rise above the storms. This can brief overview, a one hour course, or a full day retreat depending on your needs

In Search of Love- Loneliness, feelings of rejection, divorce,widowhood are all realities that fill our churches.  In the heart of many Christian marriages lies discourse, pain, and sorrow.  This message comes from a life long search for what is the truth of love.  This delves into how to live a life reflecting love from a heart that knows it is loved; because God is the source of our love.

A Broken and Contrite Heart-How does one recover when you know that you have failed God? We are too ashamed to admit the truth of our own frailties, for fear that we may be rejected or criticized by other Christians. Yet, in order for God to complete His work within our hearts, we must first come to face to face with our own sin laden, self-exalting heart with all the darkness hidden deep within.


Anger, Forgiveness, and Finding the Road Home–Whether it be the pains of a fractured marriage, the betrayal of a friend or struggles at work; forgiveness is hard when we feel the bleeding wounds or look at the jagged scars left behind.  Still, it is in finding the grace to forgive others we ultimately find the grace we need ourselves.  Only then can we find our way home to peace, joy, and love abiding in the arms of Christ.

Ten Essentials to Surviving The Ravages of Chemotherapy: As a Christian, Nurse Practitioner and Cancer Survivor; I present a frank and honest approach to dealing with chemotherapy while dealing with the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of battling cancer.


The Good Pleasure of God’s Will At times in life, we feel that God is not answering our pleas for help.  We have given to Him all that we know how; yet, sorrow, pain and tragedy dampen our hope and steals our joy.  Sometimes it is the darkest valleys that guide us to an intimate sweet knowledge of God.  Then out of that darkness we find the true light, abounding with hope, love and joy.

GIVING WHEN YOU HAVE NOTHING LEFT TO GIVE:  We live in a fast paced, busy society that is always bidding for our hearts and minds.  As we scurry about life, sometimes, we are called on to care for an elderly parent, a friend, a ministry at church or sometimes an hurting acquaintance.  At the same time, we barely have enough energy to care for ourselves; yet, so many bleeding hearts surround us.  What are we to do?  As a mother, nurse practitioner, widow, grandmother, and daughter who spent years caring for a mother who suffered from bipolar disorder while battling two decades of illness; I bring a real perspective based on God’s Word.




Effie Darlene Barba is a very powerfilled, empowering speaker and teacher. This comes from her first hand experience in  God has given her a mantel of teaching and He has always been the very words she speaks . She is compassionate, open minded; and driven by one purpose-she loves the Lord with all of her heart! She knows the word of God and  imparts it as he has directed her to.  Her passion is the very seed needed to reach the lost, the brokenhearted and the untouchables.

Willingly, she goes where Jesus sends her, even  into the very pit to heal the sick and to bring His light. Unselfishly, she gives and loves unconditionally. Relentless, she has given her whole life for others. Even during those years she was going through her very own storms, she reached out to help others.

She leaves her footprints on the heart of everyone she meets. Imparting her strength, hope and courage in the souls of the empty, abused and  the throw a ways. Thereby, touching all whom she meets along this journey.

She is a lady of Grace, beauty, great strength and compassion, who enriches every life that is lucky enough to spend time with her.   Kimberly Landsverk


Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have; because, I would love to hear from you.  Rest assured, you will not be added to any email lists.  Let’s talk. Certainly, we can be a blessing for each other; because, God is our strength.   Thank you.

Effie Darlene Barba